Wolters Kluwers' Tax Issues in Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions (Half-Day Webinar)

September 26, 2023

12:00 PM ET

Special BKR Fee: $123.75

Instructor: Jennifer Kowal

CPE Credits: 4

Many businesses organized as corporations will be involved in a merger, acquisition, or large sale transaction at some point during the business life cycle.

This course covers the federal income tax treatment of taxable stock and asset acquisitions, tax-free reorganizations and acquisitions, and tax-free dispositions and spin-offs, from both the corporate and shareholder perspectives. It also covers the carryover of corporate tax attributes.

Topics Covered

*Consequences of taxable stock acquisitions
*Treatment of taxable asset acquisitions, including effects on basis
*Requirements for various types of tax-free reorganizations under Section 368 of the IRC
*Tax-free split-off's, spin-off's, and split ups
*Corporate tax attributes, including NOLs and tax credits

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